Why You Need To Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is the worlds largest social networking platform and with over 2.2 billion active users, it’s a platform that you would be foolish not to be using for any of your digital marketing endeavors. One of the most profitable methods to scale your business is by using their ad platform. With the amount of information that Facebook is gathering on all of its users, you can be damned sure that the targeting for these campaigns will be laser targeted. So targeted that it could be downright scary if you really sat down and thought about it. But for our purposes, as marketers.. it works extremely well. With Facebook Ads, you can promote your app that you’ve been developing for months, and bring it to the world. Or if you created a blog, you could start running some ads to your blog’s Facebook page and then start acquiring fans and followers. A facebook page would esentially work like an Email list where you could start promoting things to it and it would show up onto your fans’ newsfeed. Facebook Ads are extremely effective for any type of marketing as long as it’s digital. Almost all Internet marketers would use Facebook ads as there is no better way to customize an audience with such precision that it should almost be illegal. There was a story about how a developer wanted to target the CEO of Reddit so he could land himself a job interview. What did he do? Well he wrote a blog post on his blog outlining in technical detail all the things that he would do if he were hired at Reddit. And he did so with incredible depth so much so that when he ran a Facebook ad to target the CEO of Reddit, he ended up pulling him to his Blog post and later he received notice from Reddit’s HR team that he should be called in for an interview. That is how effective Facebook ads are! If you have an info product that you want to scale up sell millions of dollars or copies of, Facebook ads would be perfect. If there is a game that you are promoting, Facebook ads will be perfect. Even if you are just running an E-commerce store, Facebook ads will do the trick. There is no niche that Facebook ads cannot work in. The main thing is just to completely understand how the details and the nuances of the platform work and have a solid understanding of how paid traffic via PPC work and you will for sure be successful via Facebook ads. It’s really not rocket science, but it will definitely sky-rocket your sales into the stratasophere due to how effective it is. And we haven’t even got into how much more effective your marketing would be once you implement the Facebook retargeting pixel as well. The team at Facebook got something right when they decided to start mining all their users data in such abundance, and that is.. to be able to effectively advertise anything in the world which lase precision and generate amazing results!