The Importance of Split Testing Your Offers

When it comes to digital marketing, the more data that you have.. the better and more profitable your campaigns will be. With data you will know what is working and what is not. You will have a better understanding of what to continue doing and what to immediately stop, thus on a trajectory to becoming more and more profitable.

Now the only way that you will get this data is if you do split-testing in a highly scientific process. Meaning that you create 2 versions of a page, and make 1 small change.. be it a headline or background or whatever… and then you begin the process of gathering statistically significant amount of data so that you can see which one performs better overall. Once you have a good idea of which is performing better and decide on a clear winner, you then can go ahead and change 1 more thing and run it against the original version and see which one performs better. This process is what’s called “A/B testing” or split testing. This is how you find great campaigns in affiliate marketing. This is how you take wild traffic and then build and mold yourself into a winning profitable campaign.

Winners will split test. Losers will wonder about it. If you want to be a highly successful and profitable digital marketer, then you must fully understand how to and be able to do it on all of your campaigns. Split testing is actually a very easy process and not as hard as it sounds. It’s one of those skills thats much like riding a bicycle. Once you know how to do it it will be like second nature and you will have it for the rest of your life.

With split testing, you’ll actually reduce your bounce rates. Meaning visitors won’t just come to your page and quickly leave. Because you’ve optimized for this! Not only that, via split testing, you’ll increase your conversion rates. Which means more visitors, more sales and an increased bottom line.

When you tweak your campaigns and you’re constantly testing, you ultimately make your page better and better and thus you get the best results. Now all of a sudden, those media buy campaigns that all of your fellow digital marketers whom were not split testing, and were burning away all their cash.. seem to be quite silly for you since you know how to optimize and make the most of your campaigns and budget. By split testing, you will always be making your campaigns better and thus you will have a decided advantage over all of your competitors whom are not split-testing.

Not to mention when you do split test your pages, you’ll increase readership loyalty because your pages will be just that much better and you will have happier customers as a result. Don’t overestimate the results that you get from split-testing because many marketers have in the past, and now they aren’t digital marketers anymore because if you don’t split-test you’re on a losing path!